About Us


Canadian born designer Elaine Brindamour embodies the jetsetting lifestyle having lived in Australia, the Middle East and North America. Now living in Singapore, she loves traveling from one stylish or exotic beach destination to another. While vacationing in Bali, she found the inspiration to blend her interior design  background with her passion for beach accessories and so Suma Lifestyle was born.

Inspiration for collection

Inspired by the designer bikinis and flip flops donned at the hottest beach resorts in Southeast Asia, the label is a fresh addition to the beachwear accessories market. Suma Lifestyle’s pieces are chic accessories for trendsetters who love the beach resort and poolside condo lifestyle. “Why did I design a collection of fashionable beach towels? Because fashionistas at the hottest beach resorts in Southeast Asia expect high fashion accessories for their designer bikinis and flip flops” says Designer and Founder, Elaine Brindamour. “Beach partygoers are always looking for something fresh. They want to go from the foam pool to their lounger or the dance floor in style” says Sales and Marketing Manager, Tom Abbott.